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Perceptible, 2023

Blown and coldworked glass.

Dimensions variable.

Outlines of bodily forms, in their hollowness, invite new ways of viewing what should be familiar and recognisable. Within these objects, the perception of the human body is recontextualised to capture a sense of dissociation. Utilising the process of mould blowing, I create these forms by blowing glass into casts taken from my body. Through the transparency of glass, these replications of the human body are turned into imperceptible, unhuman objects.

The ambiguity of these forms enables the works to cross boundaries between the familiar and the unfamiliar, evoking qualities of the uncanny. The translucent, luminous appearance of the glass allows the pieces to maintain a ghostly, unreal quality. This translates the feelings of detachment and unfamiliarity that can be symptomatic of dissociation.

Thank you to Lily Morrin, Gabriella Bisetto, Craig English and Sam Gold.

This work was created on Kaurna Country.

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