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Movement for The Present, 2023

White fabric, ink, prints on paper.

Dimensions variable.

In 2018, my identical twin sister was diagnosed with the autoimmune disease Eosinophilic Fasciitis. Movement for the Present began as a way for me to process the ambiguous sense of grief I have felt ever since. I grieve for the way things were, and for the future that was ours. When she was first diagnosed, massage was prescribed. I did this daily, and after a series of experiments in the studio, I found a similarly therapeutic monotype technique, using my hands, left hand and right hand simultaneously, to manipulate ink directly onto a plate. Putting the results through the press created mirrored, roughly symmetrical impressions of the performance. Human touch through massage and the manipulation of ink both carried out with the intention of healing. Creating this artwork has helped me process the past, accept the future, and live more fully and ably in the present.

I express thanks to my family, friends, lecturers, and tutors who have supported me throughout my studies. Especially to my twin sister Emily, for allowing me to share our story.

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