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Atkins Prize: Award for Excellence in Photography
Supported by Paul Atkins and Atkins Photolab

- Awarded to Martina Beka

Royal South Australian Society of Art's University of South Australia Summer Scholarship

Supported by the Macolm and Margaret Carbins Trust, and David Baker, Bev Bills, and Vikki Waller

- Awarded to Dan Withey & Lisa Crowder

Constance Gordon Johnson Sculpture Prize

Supported by Patricia Gordon Stevens and Marcus Stevens

- Awarded to Bryan May

President of the Friends of South Australian School of Art (FSASA) Prize

- Awarded to Isla Hannan Francis

Judy Condous and Jack Condous Contemporary Art Prize

- Awarded to Nadine Ellis

Burra Shared Arts Residency

Supported by Lis Jones Ingman

- Awarded to Crista Bradshaw

Linda Lou Murphey Visual Arts Scholarship

- Awarded to - Karla Hitchcock

The Art Stretchers Contemporary Art Prize

- Awarded to Abegail Del Rosario

The Ethel Barringer Memorial Prize

- Awarded to Carrie Munn

The Harry P Gill Medal for Applied Art

- Awarded to Eliana Della Flora & Ember Satyn

The John Christie Wright Memorial Prize

- Awarded to Katey Smoker

The Australian Ceramics Association (TACA) Prize

- Awarded to Tiarnie Edwards (Undergraduate) & Lauren Downton (Honours)

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