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floence, 2023

Repurposed leather, wooden frame/pallets, webbing, plastic sheet, staples, nails and artist's images.
Dimensions variable.

can i still, 2023

Bed skirt, gel medium.
238 x 232 cm.

Martina Beka explores the intersection between materiality and self by employing found materials that are laced with traces of human interaction and experience. Motivated by process and form, the artist unveils her materiality through acts of reversing, skinning, prying open and releasing tension points. Arranging the installation to work with the site, Beka exposes the in-built structures of the material in its most minimal and simplistic form. By revealing what is commonly concealed, the artist prioritises honouring the beauty located within the ordinary, evoking intimacy and connection for the viewer and self.


Martina Beka explores notions of concealment, discretion, purity, cleanliness and morality throughout the encasement of bedsheets. The artist creates both wet and stiff textures through materiality and plays into the seductive nature caused by tactility.


Thank you to my loved ones, peers, past and present teachers/lecturers/mentors.

This work was created on Kaurna Country.

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