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When We Die, 2023

Paper clay porcelain – cast and hand-built.
4cm x 5cm x 35cm.

When We Die is a collection of human bones cast in porcelain paper clay that have been ‘infected’ with representations of bleached coral. This amalgamation engages with discussions about global warming, our ecological footprint, the environment, and the idea of role reversal. 

Humanity is destroying and impacting precious sea life every day. It plays a massive role in keeping our species alive, yet we manage to kill it. The concept of role reversal is something I considered when thinking about humanity’s relationship to coral. The idea was to tell a story in which the coral kills us instead of humans killing it, with the coral taking over our dead bones. 

I was driven to create these pieces due to my passion for the ocean and what it brings humanity. At a young age I visited Koba/Gabar (Fitzroy Island) and was exposed to the situation firsthand. I have never forgotten the impact it had on me and the issue of coral bleaching has become evident in my work as an emerging artist.


Thank You to Joanne Crawford, Matt Huppatz, Sam Gold

This work was created on Kaurna Country. I also pay my respects to the Gunggandji people from the island of Koba.

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