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Nostalgia's Rose-Coloured Glasses, 2023

Oil paint, coloured pencil,beads, sand, pipe cleaners and pencil on canvas.

19 x 165 cm.

Mummy and Me, 2023

Oil paint on plywood panel. 

60 x 67 cm.

Mummy and Me is dedicated to my mother, who has always been my protector, my closest friend and greatest supporter since my birth. She is someone whom I admire and over the course of the last three years I have watched as she has been fighting against cancer. She has shown an incredible amount of courage and positivity through the struggles of dealing with a terminal illness. Bearing witness to such a tremendous show of strength has caused me to reflect on how blessed I am to have been able to live so fully and free my whole life because of my parents who made my world such a loving and safe environment growing up, no matter the struggles they were facing. This reflection has informed my practice and was the catalyst for the idea of creating this piece in the first place, alongside Nostalgia’s Rose-Coloured Glasses.

This work was created on Kaurna Country.

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