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The Tethers of Consciousness, 2023

Self-manufactured bio plastics, dyed sheep wool, synthetic and organic textiles, metal chain.

Dimensions variable.

Inspired by the temporal layers of existence and the complexities of the human condition, this interweaving of materials refers to the intrinsic adaptations we go through as humans on this earth. The ever-changing state of one’s individual reality is reflected using bio-plastic materials that will continue to transform and adapt to their environment as they age.

Through investigating multiple non-traditional processes of heat and sewing manipulation, the materials have been allowed to organically warp, intertwine and fuse into one another; emblematic of the intricacies of life that tether us to the natural world and consume our conscious mind. With interest in human consciousness at the forefront of this piece, the forms are representative of our biological connection to nature and the nonsensical fact that we are animals with brains that need to rationalise our existence, rather than just being.


To my Nanny, for always being my #1 supporter, my muse, and walking supply store.

This work was created on Kaurna Country.

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