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Remnants, 2023

Found and repurposed fabric, vintage curtains and lace (hand-dyed in both natural and synthetic dyes using various techniques), found thread, steel rings, zip ties, and pavers.

Dimension variable.

Remnants is a meticulous curation of vintage fabrics unfolded into a vibrant installation, each piece saturated with various hand-dyeing techniques that blend natural and synthetic pigments. Suspended gracefully, these textiles offer an immersive experience, where colour serves as a conduit to place, time, family, and memory. Every carefully woven thread connects a story of familial heritage, with fabric collected from loved ones and stitched with vintage threads passed down through generations, creating a tangible link to resilient maternal lines of the past.

Remnants unfolds as a luminous exploration of light and colour, triggering memories and prompting viewers to reflect on their own stories. The array of hues delves into the tapestry of maternal and paternal lines, drawing inspiration from the strength and endurance of people who have navigated life’s challenges through time. It stands as an homage to the indomitable spirit of people who have paved the way, fostering a connection to roots, and celebrating the collective histories that shape us all.

I would like to acknowledge my appreciation as recipient of the Linda Lou Murphy Visual Arts Scholarship and the George and Nita Balales Grant for the Creative Arts in 2022. Without these I wouldn't have been able to complete this degree successfully.


Thanks to my ever encouraging family, you are always my muse and inspiration, especially Eli, our children - my greatest loves.

Thanks to Dad, Midori and Nanna, Poppa, who have fed me and put a roof over my head on my travels from home to the city.

Thanks to Steph xx

This work was created on Ngarkat and Kaurna Country.

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