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The First Viewing for Society, 2023

Installation. Acrylic paint on backboard (Journey of a Life in Turmoil), CD player with audio (The Script), two beanbags in faux sherpa.

Dimensions variable, painting 81 x 101 cm. Audio: 5:04 x 20 minute duration.

Over the last 20 years, I have witnessed everyday technologies evolve into rectangular devices that now appear to be the only platforms necessary for societal involvement. Through my youth, I resisted a technology-led lifestyle but I have partially assimilated these demands due to the threat of isolation. Fads like e-smoking, bitcoin and AI progression have also risen in that time, threatening my vision of a harmonious world. Humanity’s success seems tied to emerging technologies, and I recognise that they are championed by many forward-thinking people around the world. However, this raises questions for me. Can AI create new possibilities for art, or will it steal and replicate the work of individuals? Art is a form of self-expression, but what if art making loses its value and meaning? These thoughts on technology are echoed in my installation, The First Viewing for Society. My current art practice explores how painting methods can unlock inner emotions, and how these emotions struggle with the implications and unknowns of rising technologies. 


Thank you to my family who support me, Michael Newall and Christian Lock, who have encouraged my growth as a painting artist, lecturers at UniSA for guiding my learning, Keltie Ferris for being my artist role model.

This work was created on Adelaide, Kaurna Land.

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