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Garden Being, 2023

Botanical and earth pigments on cotton and silk.
Dimensions variable.

Interconnection with nature is vital for life. Rewilding myself in the garden stimulates my senses, calms my mind, and activates my creative energy. It provides an accessible antidote to the overwhelming effects of social injustices, greed and human insecurities. Practising art and creating a garden takes me to the same place. Garden Being aligns my sensory experiences and practices, transforming them into an installation of painted space. 

My creative practice exists in the Symbiocene, the era that follows the Anthropocene, where human beings reintegrate themselves into the natural world. Botanical and earth pigments stain the natural fibre canvases that hang in space. These materials do not attempt to defy time but rather, they will break down and decompose before I do. This tangible manifestation of my garden is an environment to be shared with others. I welcome visitors to enter, pause, and breathe in Garden Being.

This work was created on Kaurna Country.

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