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Forever Absent Always Present, 2023

Blown glass, mirrors.

87.5 x 18 x 15 cm.

Grief, 2023

Blown glass, mirrors.

20 cm diameter x 10 cm.  

Explorations, 2023

Blown glass, mirrors.

Various sizes.

My work is autobiographical. All my pieces are based on intensely personal stories however I choose not to share these stories with the viewer. These pieces are an abstract and conceptual exploration of the materiality of glass, which aims to evoke and portray notions of Absence and Presence. I value the viewer’s personal lens as they experience and interpret my work, adding their own stories or simply enjoying the aesthetics.


Thank you to my partner Scott, my parents Robert and Dianne, and my sister Janet and her family. Without all your support I would never have made it.

Photography done by Michael Haines.

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