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I make coffee every day, 2023

Installation, durational performance and video work. Used paper coffee filter, used and dried coffee grounds, wood, table, coffee pot, tea towel,  glass coffee filter, bamboo box filled with coffee making items.
Dimensions variable.

2094 days ago, I started drinking pour-over coffee after visiting Costa Rica.  


1370 days ago, I started making pour-over coffee every morning due to COVID-19 lock down.  


470 days ago, I made coffee at home in Hong Kong.  


468 days ago, I made coffee at home in Adelaide.  


Today, I make coffee here.  


Coffee-making has become a daily presence-making ritual for me. The seemingly ordinary everyday routine has revealed to be inherently beautiful and meaningful, where I exist in a different time and space … however fleeting.  


If you encounter me making coffee here, I aspire for you to also experience this revelation — of a horizon where we are beings, being-in-the-world.

This work was created on Kaurna Country.

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