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I Wish This Day Would Never End, 2023

24-hour live internet feed, screen, computer.

Screen: 65 in. Duration: ongoing.

My practice explores experience; I am intrigued by how technology increasingly effects our experience of the world. Our experience of time, space, and ourselves is altered, extended, and enhanced as we continually adopt emerging technologies. This makes our world smaller and larger at the same time. It enables us to extend our experience outwards which somehow makes us more aware of our inner experience.
I’m also curious about the limits of our ability to grasp the complexity of our technological environment. As our access to information increases, our ability to grasp the world’s complexity remains just out of reach. I frame these interests through theories of the technological sublime and techno-phenomenology. My work is also informed by theories of digital network culture and surveillance culture.
In balancing the complexity of our technological environment, I find my interest in mindfulness and meditation creeping into my work. How might we find silence in complexity?

Thankyou to Jessica Lawson

This work was imagined and produced on Kaurna Country.

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