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Rework Quilt (For the children of my family), 2023

Embroidery thread, linen, cotton and wool.

 165 x 155 cm.

Portrait of Alice, 2023

Artist-made acrylic paint on canvas.

36 x 28.5 x 4 cm

Portrait of Olivia, 2023

Artist-made acrylic paint on canvas.

 25 x 20 x 4 cm.

Jessica Harrison is an interdisciplinary artist whose work explores the topics and histories of craft, community, legacy and identity. Jessica is interested in the historical expression of feminine creativity or “women’s work” and the division of art and craft in cultural thinking.


Thank you to Alexander Mercer, Olivia Kathigitis, Alice Bitmead, Kahlia Gronthos, Brenna Mackay and Brenton Priestley.

This work was created on Peramangk Country.

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