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shed (collect), 2023

Multi-channel video installation, aluminium, glass, artist's hair, artist's spit, laminated paper and artist's hair.

Dimensions variable.

Using her own body and identity as material and subject, Isla Hannan Francis explores how the body can be used in the art-making process. She uses installation and performance to investigate spaces and habits typically considered personal. Through her work, she strives to establish an intimate connection with the audience; to evoke intrigue, perhaps disgust, but also a sense of welcome. Isla often explores the feelings of being within her body; a body constantly trying to expel—both comfortable and painfully uncomfortable. 

The work shed (collect) questions the relationship we have with hair. 
Where are the boundaries of the abject when it comes to hair? 
When expelled, it elicits disgust – when found in the mouth for instance. Working with the concept of self both materially and conceptually, Isla looks at the ways in which hair can be used to represent self.

I would like to Thank:
Sam Gold for guiding me through my catastrophes,
Riley O’Keeffe for his support and technical assistance,
Shane Haddy for fabricating the letters,

Steve Wilson for fabricating the stand,
Matt Huppatz for being a wonderful course coordinator + 

My mum for her unwavering support and hours of help. 

This work was created on Kaurna Country.

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