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Unseen, 2023

Mixed media, glass (blown/hot-worked, kiln-formed, cold-worked &/or found consumer glass objects), metals (copper, bronze, titanium), found objects (table, scissors, meat-grinder, buckets, containers, washer door, rope and pulley, lights). 

Dimensions variable.  

Materia Prima (Noun): ‘Indeterminate matter viewed as the material cause of the universe’. [Merriam-Webster].  


Unseen is an abstract sculptural installation utilising glass as Materia Prima.  I utilised traditional and experimental glassmaking techniques and materials in non-linear explorations of human relationships with the material world.  


Capturing light, invisible forces, and the maker’s mark, the work invites contemplation on materiality, clutter, sustainability, hierarchies, the unseen, and the ineffable beauty of the unknown. The interplay of diverse, crafted artefacts and found objects queries perceptions of the value of objects and their inherent embodied information. 


My explorations resisted defined direction as I embraced uncertainty: seeking to foster conditions for emergence through complex, interrelated systems, and reveal meaning through the making-process. This included consideration of how we order our world and often abject what we can’t explain, and the perceived virtue of simplicity in a contemporary Western society that commodifies time and exploits materials.  


Thank you to the Contemporary Art staff and to my family who supported me throughout my studies

This work was created on Kaurna Country. 

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