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Moon Jar, 2023

Porcelain, white earthenware, stain, and clear glaze.

Large jars 15.5 x 15.5 x 15.7 cm / small jars 12 x 12 x 10.8 cm.

This series explores the acculturation process and multicultural identity of international students, investigating the complex interaction between their personal and communal experiences within a society.

The Moon Jar is one of Korea's representative traditional white porcelain vessels, with a round shape that resembles a full moon. It symbolises Korean culture. Thus, my primary identity is visually represented through the Moon Jar, and the blue pieces that decorate the jar display the new identity I formed in Australia. Because embracing a different culture is an intricate and indescribable process, the blue decorations are designed in the abstract form. Blue has a rich history and has been used as a symbolic colour across the world. Therefore, I chose blue to express mutual respect for cultural diversity and its intrinsic value.

Through this artwork, I want people to appreciate the beauty of embracing different cultures, highlighting the challenges of this intricate process and recognising the effort of those navigating this journey despite its difficulties.


Thank you to Jo Crawford, Sam Gold and Matt Huppatz

This work was created on Kaurna Country.

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