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I’m All This, 2023

Mix media on unstretched canvas, ceramics and preloved materials.

Dimensions variable. 

Stephanie Page’s artistic process is informed by expanded painting practices and autobiographical methodologies. Her assemblage I’m All This is a vast collective body of work that concentrates on the complex structures and formation of identity and memory. It is constructed around a central acrylic-based self-portrait collaged with symbolic motifs in media including oil pastel and chalk on unstretched canvas. The work continues with orbiting kintsugi self-portraits on hand built ceramic plates. These kintsugi plates form a deconstructed trail of hand-sculpted and painted ceramic fragments.

Page’s work expresses themes of ownership and feminism using preloved plates from another time in her life, currently vandalised to better convey her ‘truth’ and her ‘narrative’ when rejecting domestic functions. I’m All This communicates an eclectic visual dialect that presents a complex narrative reflecting her nuanced sense of self-identity.


I would like to thank everyone who supported me throughout my studies, and those of you who continue to support and believe in me.

This work was created on Ngarrindjeri Country.

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